Looking for an 11 plus reading list? Then you’re in the right place!
Which books should my child read for the 11 plus exam is a question I am often asked!
Reading a classic book together can be a lovely way for parents and children to reconnect after a busy day or week. You can read more about how to read together in this article.
Yet the biggest challenge parents face today is the constant competition from screens. It can seem like a never-ending tug of war between computers and doing anything else.
Can Netflix ever be as gripping as settling down with a book for a ten year old?
Well, yes if you choose wisely.
So below here’s a list of classic novels based on recommendations from my students, past and present. It comprises books that many a reluctant reader has raved about. I have added a few of my favourites too!
It’s not definitive by any means, but it should give you a good place to start. I’ve included books from every genre: fantasy, historical, science fiction, adventure… as well as some more modern and coming-of-age novels. It’s a great 11 plus reading list!
Click below for some tech-free escapism for your child and get your copy of the Classic Book List for 9-11 year olds sent directly to your inbox today! You can download it and print it out for reference.
If you have any further suggestions that I could add to the reading list, then please let me know!