If you’re looking to help your child with English, hiring an English tutor can be a wise move. Whether your child is generally struggling with their English lessons, or are looking for help to pass their 11+, pre-test or 13+ entrance exams so they can go to their preferred secondary school, it’s worth hiring a tutor. 

But inevitably, that leads to questions over what type of tutoring to invest in, as well as how long they’ll need to be tutored for. And it’s understandable that you may have questions. You want to ensure you’re investing in the best help for your child, as well as someone who can teach in a way that suits your child’s needs.

I’ll do the best I can to answer the questions I’m most frequently asked, when helping parents to make the best choices for their child’s educational needs.

How much tutoring will my child need?

Regular sessions will help build and maintain momentum. They’ll also help your child to focus on their work. I’d recommend your child has two hours of tutoring each week – with the first hour receiving tuition on English, and the second hour focusing on Verbal Reasoning.

Should I opt for 1:1 or group tuition?

1:1 online tutoring is for those students who are currently studying for the 11+, pre-test, and 13+ English exams. 1:1 tuition is ideal for students who lack confidence or who prefer a structured, more focused way of learning. It’s great for those students who really want a more individual approach, especially if they need to improve their English skills or prefer having a safe space to learn.

Online group tuition is for students who are currently in Year 5 and looking to take competitive entrance exams in either September or January.These small group sessions (maximum of 6 students per session), are geared towards students who want to boost their core literacy skills, as well as those who wish to keep their literacy skills topped up and above the national average. 

When should I start my child’s tutoring?

The best time to start your child’s tutoring will depend on their ability and goal. If your child’s English is weak, I’d recommend you start their tutoring in the summer term of Year 4. 

All children who are looking to sit their entrance exams for grammar schools and independent schools, will need to start tutoring a year before their exams. However, for the very competitive independent schools, I’d recommend at least 18 months prior to their entrance exams, particularly for the London schools such Westminster, St Paul’s and St Paul’s Girls.

Hiring an English tutor can be a big decision to make. However, if you’re looking to help your child with their English, investing in English tuition can be a wise move. But understandably, that will lead to several questions around timescales and costs. Hopefully though, my responses above have given you the answers you need and allay any fears you may have around hiring an online English tutor for your child – but if you still have any questions, do please get in touch!

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