There’s been a lot going on in the background lately, at Coriden English Tuition. With all the exciting things in the pipeline, it was time to have a bit of a rebrand – and it starts with a shiny new logo. Although we’re not quite finished with the rebranding just yet, we wanted to mark this new chapter in the business’s life, by at least sharing the new logo.

Why the change of logo for Coriden English Tuition?

On top of the rebranding, we wanted to change our logo for a few reasons. Our main reason is to create a fresher, younger and more fun image! As much as we love owls, there are lots of logos with owls in them. Also, we purchased our original logo back in 2014 from a logo website. I can’t believe it’s been that long! It was our very first website, and we loved the image of a child reading. But buying from a logo website meant other people could use it too – and that led to a few other issues.

We kept seeing our logo on other tuition companies, and although that was understandable, it also led to confusion. Yes, they could change the colours and put a different company name on it, but essentially, it was the same logo. A couple of other tuition companies even contacted us to suggest we’d stolen their logo from them! 

So things had to change. And our new logo solves all of those problems. It’s unique, and it helps us to stand out from the other tuition companies – because we are different.

We do more than tuition

We are different from other tuition companies. We only offer English products and tuition for children in KS2. That’s what we are very good at. 

And that’s one of the main reasons that Coriden English Tuition is changing. We’re more than just a tuition company. We offer digital education products to help children boost their literacy skills at 11+/KS2. 

And we love books!

Here at Coriden English Tuition, we love books. When we’re not teaching, you’ll find us reading, planning to read or thinking about reading. 

Our logo is unique – like us!

And that brings us back to the current phase of our rebranding. We want to embrace how unique we are and showcase that more.

Our logo encapsulates all we are. 

It highlights our mission – to help and support parents boost their child’s reading and writing skills by providing engaging and educational digital products and online classes. 

It also highlights our core values – to work smarter, not harder.

By better showcasing our mission and core values, we hope to help raise awareness around the importance of good reading and good writinskills. Because we believe that good readers rule the world. 

Oh, and we also want to remind parents and children alike, that English is fun too!