After many months of uncertainty, lockdown is finally easing. For many year 10 students and parents alike, thoughts are inevitably turning back to next year’s GCSE exams. For many, there are concerns over how it’s impacted on the school year and the progress of year 10 students. But in the face of all the upheaval and uncertainty, our main aim has to be keeping a focus on what we can do to help those students studying for their GCSEs next year.

There is still a lot of speculation around what’s happening with the GCSE exams in 2021. The coronavirus lockdown has caused a huge amount of disruption and concern as to the impact it’s had on students and how (or if) the exams in 2021 may have to change as a result. But until any changes are announced, all children will need to work as usual towards having their mock exams at the end of this year.

So as parents, what can you do to help?

Keep working during the summer holidays

Set up a timetable for regular revision throughout the summer holidays. This will help avoid the Summer Slide and ensure your child goes back to school in September, ahead of the curve. 

But it’s also about helping them to revise what they’ve learnt. The summer holiday is a good time for them to go through practice exam papers to help highlight areas they need to work on. Your child can take the time to review their class notes from September to the present day, and refresh their memory of all they’ve learnt. And they can opt to go through a study revision guide to help increase their learning.

Hire a one-to-one tutor for year 10 student GCSE support

COVID-19, the lockdown and subsequent homeschooling has meant many year 10 students have a lot more work than usual, to catch up with over the summer break. Hiring a tutor to work one-to-one with your child can help build their confidence up again if they’ve been negatively affected by the events of this year so far.

A tutor will carry out an individual assessment to enable them to establish a tailored program for your child, one that’s in line with the National Curriculum, 11+/ISEB syllabus or GCSE examination board. And of course, they’ll make the lessons varied, engaging and fun!

Take some time off during the summer

Finally, it’s important to remember that the summer holiday is also an opportunity for your child to switch off for a while. Yes, year 10 students will still need to have a regular routine of study in place, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a little regular time off to enjoy themselves too. It will help them come back to their studies refreshed and focused, ready for the new term in September.

If you’re looking for tailored GCSE support for the year 10 student in your life, I have a couple of spots left for next year. My bespoke literacy support is tailored to your child’s needs and mapped in line with the National Curriculum, 11+/ISEB syllabus or GCSE examination board. For further information please schedule a call to discuss what support your child needs, to help them move forward.