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Writing Checklists for KS2 and 11+ English


Get our list of 5 essential Writing Checklists for KS2 and 11+ to help your child boost their writing skills.


Our handy booklet includes the following checklists:


  • Narrative writing

  • Descriptive writing

  • Persuasive writing

  • Newspaper article

  • Personal recount

These writing checklists for KS2 and 11+ will help your child plan their pieces of writing, as well to edit and proof-read their work.

Each writing checklist is separated into two sections: features and text and structure. Download and print the relevant checklist and your child will have a quick and easy reference guide to keep them on track.

Help your child boost their writing skills and tick all the right boxes! To receive your free copy, click the button below.


If you are looking for further help to boost your child’s writing skills, we run small creative writing classes for children in Years 4 and 5. Click here for further information and to register. Have a look at our blog post for further ideas on how you can support your child.